• No spamming/flooding chat.
  • Keep caps at a minimum.
  • If you see inappropriate behavior when a staff member isn't in Chat, please try to take a screenshot and report it to the staff, we are here to help.
  • Follow the General Policy.

Links And URLs

  • Links to malware/virus, troll, inappropriate, illegal and troll sites is absolutely prohibited.
  • If you are to post a image/video link, please make sure it is appropriate or that all users know what it is. If you are having doubts, it is strongly advised you don't post it. In private messaging, however, you can link what you please as long as both users are comfortable

Swearing/Foul Language

  • Swearing/Sexual references in Chat is fine as long as all users are comfortable with it.
  • Swearing/Sexual references in private messaging is fine as long as both users are comfortable with it.


  • Harassment, disrespect, and offensive comments will not be tolerated. For more information, see our General Policy.