In the early 1800s, a secret realm was found by a French explorer, whom was shocked to find that this ethereal land was inhabited by many forms of mythological creatures. Out of jealousy and greed of these enchanting beings the humans attempted to take over this realm, resulting in a vicious war that raged on until 1965 when a peace treaty was finally made between the two opposing forces, resulting in peace in the 21st century. Earth joined together as one society - Althea. And as this society formed, everyone now knew about it. Every continent and country adjusted their ways to allow the creatures to live amongst them, but even so in present time tensions are rising. The traveller soon, after making a living off of the main place of Althea, grew very ill and could not go on for much longer. The sickness quickly spread across the society, wiping nearly the entire population; or at least we think.

The Four SettingsEdit

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